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MOL Efficiency

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has completed construction of the MOL Efficiency (HN: 1246), the largest container carriers capable of carrying 4,646TEUs, for delivery to Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) at its Kobe Shipyard & Engine Works. The MOL Efficiency is the first of four carriers ordered by MOL. The carrier is the Panamax type, and can load 2,074TEUs in container holds and 2,572TEUs (in maximum seven tiers) on the upper deck. The main feature is adoption of a new hull arrangement for the fuel tanks. In the conventional container carrier, fuel oil is stored in tanks between outer shell and cargo holds. The new arrangement uses the bulkhead spaces for the fuel storage. Over 50% of the total storage capacity is shifted to the new location. Thus, risks of oil spills in emergencies such as collision and grounding can considerably be reduced, ensuring environmentally friendly ship operation. In addition, the new cylinder oil saving system based MHI completes container carrier, MOL Efficiency on the Swirl Injection Principle (SIP) is adopted for the main engine, which provide better utilization and considerable reduction in consumption of cylinder oil. The main engine is a development of the large yachting technologies, which saves fuel consumption and increase the efficiency of the vessel. Such engine systems increase the speed with better fuel injection and combustion.
Principal particulars:
Length, o.a.: 294.09m
Length, b.p.: 282.00m
Breadth, mld.: 32.22m
Depth, mld.: 21.85m
Draught, mld.: 13.50m
Deadweight: 63,160t
Gross tonnage: 53,822t
Main engine: Mitsubishi Sulzer 9RTA96C diesel x 1 unit
MCR: 49,410kW x 100 min-1
NCR: 42,000kW x 94.7 min-1
Speed, service: about 25.5kt
Complement: 30
Classification: ABS
Completion: Apr. 16, 2003


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Container ship Maersk Singapore

IHI Marine United Inc. delivered the 8,450TEU container ship, MAERSK SINGAPORE, for Maersk Line through Reederei Blue Star GmbH at its Kure Shipyard. The MAERSK SINGAPORE is the last ship of a series of eight to deploy under its Europe/Asia service. The MAERSK SINGAPORE is a new generation of post-Panamax size container ships and has features such as larger capacity and good stability,  installation of common rail electronically-controlled DU-Sulzer 12RT-flex 96C high power engine, superior hull form for efficient speed and good fuel consumption, about 700 reefer container receptacles, lashing bridges to simply secure on-deck containers and integrated bridge system with one-man operation design. The vessel is operating among the European cities, Asian ports and South American ones.
In order to realize the good propulsion performance, economical operation, and good maneuverability of the ship, IHIMU designed the ship with its technical and engineering expertise, CFD analysis, 3D-FEM ship model analysis, walk-through simulation, and apparatus installation simulation utilizing CIM system, “Ajisai,” which IHIMU originally developed.
The ship has the following measurements:
L (o.a.) x B x D x d: 335.0m x 42.8m x 24.4m x 14.0m
DWT/GT: abt. 97,000t/94,000
Loading capacity: 8,450TEUs
Main engine: DU-Sulzer 12RT-flex 96C diesel x 1 unit
MCR: 61,900kW x 94.0rpm

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